Unpaused and Recharged!

You guys! It has been a crazy stupid amount of time since my previous entry. My life has changed a lot, from a work promotion to a new summer home. Many of times I've thought, "Y'know. I ought to make time to blog." And the time was always snatched up. Today's entry, therefore, is going to be about the importance of making time for yourself! Whether your outlet is a 30-minute run, 10 minutes of meditating, or maybe just a session of pampering, you should NEVER feel guilty to take this time. I have definitely neglected to make time for myself recently, and I do think my stress level took the hit. When I put the time aside to exercise, I feel more present during the day. I also feel more upbeat, and little stressors that would typically bother me are a lot easier to release. During my transition period, I went about a week without exercising - which is NOT like me - and I felt like an absolute mess. I am so happy to know that, no matter what else is going on, I can always get back on track. The wagon is never too far away to jump back onto; you just need to form a plan and dedicate yourself to it! With that being said, I was optimistic to do my ChaLean Extreme / Turbo Fire hybrid that I did last spring. Sadly, though, I do have a downstairs neighbor, and he wasn't a fan of the intense jumping around of TurboFire. :( Heartbreaking news, but luckily I haven't given up on the idea of completing a 10K. So I decided that I will still do ChaLean Extreme, plus aim to run at least 3 times a week. I'm looking to commit to a 10K by the end of June! I'm still drinking Shakeology every day, still a pescetarian, still drinking 9+ glasses of water per day. Still benefitting from all of this. Now that I've got my "me time" back, I'm hoping to get back on track with my weight loss/fitness goals! I am also dedicating myself to this exciting promise: I will be updating at least once a week, every Monday, to start us all out on a fresh, motivational perspective for the week. My health/fitness is still unbelievably important to me, so I need to make time for it. Additionally, my desire to pay it forward has been neglected as well; by setting aside specific time to update will help fulfill this. So! If you have any ideas of what you'd like to see content-wise (recipes? topics to discuss? other miscellaneous tips?), please feel free to contact me! See you on Motivation Monday!! :) QUOTE OF THE DAY "Action expresses priorities." - Gandhi.

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