#MotivationMonday :)

I'm a woman of my word, so here is my first weekly Monday post! I decided that, since I'm working on building my new habits, I would start off with a list of goals for myself. I highly recommend setting goals for yourself! It keeps you focused on your priorities, plus you will be inspired to work harder. Then, when you achieve what you planned, the pride is so good for the spirit. So! Here's what I'd like to accomplish this week: 1. Practice eating slowly. Fast eating is an awful habit that I've held onto my whole life, & I haven't been able to shake off. Recently I've found that I've been inhaling my food, thinking "BUT I'M STILL HUNGRY!" So I'll grab something else to eat, overeat, & feel awful afterward. By eating slower, you have more time to let the nutrition do its work. Plus you'll avoid piling on way too many calories, which is something I'm still working on. So, self - chew slowly and savor your food this week! 2. Schedule "work" hours. Aside from my day job, I have two other projects that I'm focusing on - Beachbody Coaching and Voiceover work. However, my efforts to do both were completely dropped once I was promoted, worried about moving, and being distracted by my personal life. Now that I'm back to being settled, I can work on committing at least one hour a day to each of these projects. After all, doing a job you love means you'll never work a day in your life. ;) 3. Drink water before meals. It helps! :) Quite often we give into thirst that's disguised as hunger. I'm regularly drinking about 9 glasses of water per day, so I will keep hydrated this week! 4. Speak to yourself positively. For the past few weeks, I have been entirely too critical of myself. I was picking at all of my flaws, especially during what I call my "Conversation with the Mirror" time. This morning, I woke up & felt proud of what I saw. I'm back to exercising regularly, & though not much has changed, I feel better in general. I therefore spoke to myself positively. I instantly felt more inspired to face the day, as I felt that I was granted my own approval. You get what you put in. If you treat yourself as if you are your best friend, you will never be broken by poor public opinions. So I'd like to keep this momentum going!! The above goals are my focus this week! Have you set any goals for yourself? Let me in on them so I can hold you accountable. And, if you haven't yet, give it a try! :) QUOTE OF THE DAY "I am always more interested in what I am about to do than what I have already done." - Rachel Carson

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