Work-It Wednesday

Okay, so it was only my 2nd week of updating & I already dropped the ball by missing it on Monday. But two days late is better than not at all, right? This was a tough week for me, you guys. My psyche was all out of whack. One day, I'd feel super fit and awesome and on top of it. The following day, I'd feel 20 lbs heavier and useless and cope with food. Although Mother Nature is almost through running her course, I will say that I received an unpleasant wake-up call the other day. I tried on a pair of shorts that I bought last summer. Granted, these shorts were always a bit too tight on me. Plus, I've been failing at the whole "public laundromat" thing, so perhaps they did shrink a little bit in the laundry. But, so it was written: they did not fit. I could not button them. My instinct was to panic, to beat myself up, to assume the depression felt when you can no longer avoid the inevitable. But, I'm better than that. In my pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, I want to focus on a total well-being. This includes my self-esteem, my personality, and the way I face the world. I want to embrace a happier perspective. Optimism seems to be an endangered animal. I want to bring that back for myself and for everyone around me. So! Before I allowed my mind to warp my reflection into a hippo, I stopped myself. I looked myself in the eye and said, "You're human. It has happened. It can be reversed." I'm still a little bit misguided as far as my workout plan is concerned; I was going to do 10K training and ChaLean Extreme, but I fell off track for both of those. So, since my eating habits are clearly still pretty crappy, I decided to just revamp my habits all together. Beachbody released a program back in February that I've been meaning to try, and it's called the 21 Day Fix. The timing is right. It takes 21 days to form a habit, and I've got a full 21 days right behind the corner. I'm starting on Sunday - June 1st - and hoping that by June 21st, I will get my groove back. I'm even considering doing daily updates for each of the 21 days...? Just to prove to myself that I can not only stick to it, but I can conquer it. I'm not giving myself too strict of a weight loss goal, as my new body is still a mystery to me and I don't want to aim to starve myself. 5 lbs would be a miracle. With this program, I'm moreso hoping to accomplish sticking to the meal plan, re-teaching myself how to properly eat, and hopefully losing some inches & tightening up! I will most likely keep doing 10K training as well, but - like when I was doing Insanity - I'll probably cut down to once or twice a week. There's a 5-mile run on June 28th that I am considering signing up for, but I think as long as I continue my training without over-exerting my muscles, I may be able to accomplish that! I'm not really worried about the physical side of this, though. Once a foodie, always a foodie - I feel so amazing after I practice clean eating, but I don't think I've ever attempted it for a full 21 days. I've always had a "binge day." The 21 Day Fix does allow for a cheat here & there, but probably not to the level that I allowed myself. If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you! And, finally, for the duration of the 21 Day Fix, I'm going to go above and beyond and attempt something I typically have only attempted during Lent: sobriety. In my time reflecting on my past success, I realized that my biggest achievements were earned when I was drinking alcohol very little - if at all. Now, it's the summertime, plus I'm enjoying my social life and going on dates, so alcohol is in abundance. But, I know I feel much better if I wake up early, exercise, and eat well than if I go out, drink excessively, wake up & skip the workout, and eat crap. So. If I really want to do well (and I do!), I've gotta say bye to booze for a little while. To all my friends who read this who are in my day-to-day life, I'm asking for your understanding and your support. I am always here for you, but I also am not invincible; I can use a bit of accountability myself! Okay, June. You are mine for the taking. QUOTE OF THE DAY "If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude." - Maya Angelou

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