Day Two of Twenty-One: Transformation Tuesday

I forgot to update yesterday! Well, I didn't forget; but by the time I had come home from work & meal prepped for tomorrow, my brain was mush. So I thought I'd start my day off with a brisk walk, my Fix workout (arms today!), a little bit of coffee, & a fresh mind. I'm really digging the 21 Day Fix so far. It's simple. It makes sense. I'm actually putting into practice the good habits that I've been avoiding. Eating protein at every meal, eating a lot of veggies, & cutting back on fats/carbs. And I love preparing my meals the night before; it feels like a game to figure out how many of my "green" containers still need to be used & what kind of fun combinations can I make with a protein, healthy fat, carb, & vegetable. It feels awesome to have that kind of power! I'm not going to lie, though, change isn't easy. I've conditioned myself to eat big, filling meals because of my activity level. Not only that, but do you know how hard it was (and still is) for me to cut back on my daily tablespoons of peanut butter?!? To cut back & eat less at each meal is definitely a challenge, but in a good way. I'm forced to eat slow instead of devouring. I'm remembering that comfort foods are just that - COMFORT. Not every day necessities. Just because it's nice outside doesn't mean you NEED to eat Froyo. So, Day Two is down! I'm hoping to make a vlog update sometime this week to talk more about this program, how I'm feeling, & my goals. If you want in on what I'm doing, too, then feel free to contact me! I'd love to support you through this! And, finally, it's my favorite day of the week...#TransformationTuesday! Too often, especially recently, I put a whole lot of focus into still fixing what's wrong. It's a beautiful, humbling experience to change perspectives & to remember the journey I've already accomplished. I'll never forget who I was. I'll love & embrace who I am. I will continue working toward my future happiness. I feel blessed to physically be able to work so hard. I'm blessed to be living in a city that challenges me, encourages me to explore, & teaches me something every day. I'd love to lose more weight, but if I do not lose another pound in my life? Whatever. I'm happy. The work that I'm putting in is to continue producing that happiness; to take care of myself, to improve my overall health, and to accomplish my personal goals. And if I can do all that, then so can you! QUOTE OF THE DAY "If you have the power to change your body, you have the power to change your circumstances, change your attitude, and improve relationships." - Chalene Johnson.

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