I can't even sugarcoat it: I forgot to update. My life was a little crazy this week. Aside from working my tail off and squeezing in time to meal prep/exercise, I also made a quick trip home to visit my parents for an early Father's Day. So, while waiting for my bus on Monday night, I remember thinking, "Crap! It's Monday! I have to update!" and that thought didn't come back around until this very moment. Well, I'm sitting on my returning bus with 2 hours to kill, a fully charged laptop, & no other excuses.

So, how am I doing? Well, I caved. Pretty badly. I am going to blame it on poor preparation, poor follow-through, and giving into the easy (unhealthy) choices. Don't get me wrong, my parents are very supportive of my lifestyle. I have even convinced my mother to try Shakeology, and since starting it back in February, she's seen some weight loss as well. But the thing about my parents (ESPECIALLY my dad) is that they also live a very different lifestyle than the one I've finely crafted for myself. I make my meals the night before, Dad throws a TV dinner in the microwave. I travel 45 minutes to buy fresh produce, home is fully stocked with my favorite cereals and snack foods. And, since I'm only visiting for brief amounts of time, it's pointless to grocery shop for such visits.

So, I caved. I didn't even use my Fix containers; I just eyeballed the portions to what I thought was correct. I ate at a Chinese buffet - although I made sure my portions were small, those portions also included ice cream and crab rangoon. Not only that, but instead of 3 workouts, I only did one.


But here's the thing. After the past two days, I am now FULLY aware of that traveling does to my focus. So, the next time I head home, I will much better prepare myself. I will plan my meals several days prior if necessary. I will sleep in my workout clothes. I will not feel guilty about running late for a get-together because I have to workout first.

This is what's important to me. To live by example is my "why." Everything else can be adjusted around this priority that I've set for myself. I want to pursue a healthy, happy lifestyle - so, if eating crap foods can't be avoided, it will be done in moderation. And I will acknowledge the mistakes that I make, and I will move on.

Because of my mishaps, I've decided to extend my time with the 21 Day Fix. I may even potentially start from the beginning & go into July. But the beautiful thing about this program is that - yes, it's a 21 day program - but your teachings & your practices can be carried with you for as long as you'd like…. maybe even the rest of your life. I'll gladly do this program 6 more times, really.

All that being said, I cannot be upset with myself. Why? I'll tell you why, my friends. Yesterday I went shopping with my mom & we dropped by a store that, although catered for junior-sized girls, has pretty cheap clothing. Typically, at stores like these, I always assume I'm a size bigger than I am. These clothes are meant for young women who barely had teeth while I was learning long division. So, when seeing that jeans were on sale for only $10, I thought "Well, I think I'm a 9/10… but I better grab an 11/12." I tried them on & they seemed to fit just fine. I put these jeans on today… and they have been sliding off of me all day. They're too big. I would've fit in the 9/10 BabyGap size after all.

So, there you have it - my weight may be fluctuating, but I have not actually gained weight. Therefore, self, you need to chill the hell out.

I still have not gotten over the loss of TurboFire in my life. But, the more I think about it, the less likely it's going to be to find a Turbo-friendly apartment in the future. So I did a little research….

There's a TurboKick instructor certification coming to Jamaica, NY next month. If I get certified, I will get to do Turbo always. In venues other than apartments with cranky neighbors. I will continue to contemplate this for the next week. But the idea sounds pretty awesome, right? And I can get a little bit of pay just to do my favorite workout ever? I mean. I'll do a pros & cons list, but what could possibly make the cons??

I finally picked up my Emerald Rank certificate from Beachbody. The bottom reiterates the company's mission statement:

"Help people achieve their goals and enjoy a healthy, fulfilling life."

If that's what I do, then I love it. Do what you love & you'll never work a day.

I'll keep letting that sink in 'til my next update.


"When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this: you haven't." - Thomas Edison.

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