Reacting and Refocusing

So, not only did I neglect last week's update, but I also am one day late for this week's update. What's going on, Dav? Well. I've just lost my focus. I'm losing sight of my purpose and what's important to me. And it's affecting my demeanor. I woke up this morning and just generally felt like crap. Then, because for some reason I wanted to test my intuition, I decided to weigh myself. The number disappointed me. My first instinct was to throw a mini temper-tantrum. But, then I thought, why? Why? Why would I do that to myself, after how far I've come? People of the world, why do we tear ourselves apart? Why do we look at a 3 digit number to decide our success or failure? Why do we tear ourselves apart, thinking poisons like, "My face was thinner a few months ago." Luckily today is also "Transformation Tuesday," a chance for me to gently remind myself of my progress. To step outside of my own insecurities and get a visual reminder that I am amazing. To have physical proof that I can do absolutely anything that demands my focus. I've decided to set a few goals for myself. 1. I am going to spend more time doing work for Beachbody, as this encourages me to live by example and to further commit myself to the resources that I so deeply believe in. 2. I am going to complete the 21 Day Fix...for real this time. I've got to. I'm on Day 2 and I've got my second wind! 3. I am going to attend a TurboKick Instructor training, and brainstorm how I can possibly squeeze a class or two into my weekly schedule. I miss my Turbo sessions too terribly to go an extended amount of time without them. No more excuses of not having a space. I will find one. 4. I am going to spend more time thinking about my blog; that way, when Monday comes & I'm too drained to write, I won't be idea-less. And, because that's not enough.... 5. I am going to attempt training for a Half Marathon. I go back and forth with my 10K training, so I figure to set my sights on a specific race date will keep me motivated. I couldn't find any upcoming 10Ks.... so a half marathon in December it is! Yes, that's almost double the duration. No, I'm not talking myself out of it. I reiterate: I can do absolutely anything that demands my focus. To tie this all together, I just want to reach out to anyone who feels like they haven't been up to their potential recently. No matter what part of your journey you're on: you are beautiful. Your work is beautiful. No matter who you are, no matter where you are or what lifestyle you choose: happiness is taking care of yourself, both physically and emotionally. Speak to yourself kindly. Make time for yourself every day. Keep working hard. I believe in you. QUOTE OF THE DAY “It does not matter how long you are spending on the earth, how much money you have gathered or how much attention you have received. It is the amount of positive vibration you have radiated in life that matters.”― Amit Ray

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