Fresh and Fired Up!

I considered updating today as I assumed it had been about 2 weeks since my last post. I log on to discover that it's been a MONTH!?! I'm sorry I have failed you, faithful followers (...all 10 of you...) - here's an update! I especially want to update now that I've revisited my last entry. I am happy to say that my skies have brightened up. I not only committed to an apartment, but I have since moved and am (...slowly..) creating a new home for myself and my roommate. I'm back to consistent grocery shopping and meal planning (although it's difficult at times, depending on what appliances I may need and realize I've forgotten to buy). But, probably the happiest news of all is what I'm doing for exercise. My new apartment is the ideal for at-home workouts. We're on the first floor, where a giant brick wall resides below, and we're on the corner, where the living room is attached to vacancy & our own hallway/closet space. Can anyone guess what this means? This means that I'm the happiest TurboGirl alive. Yes... TURBOFIRE is back in my life. I didn't know how much I missed it until I pushed "play" again. I smiled during the entire 30 minutes of extreme ass-kicking. I still have my sights set on running a Half Marathon in December, although my persistence is waivering. (I slept through my "WAKE UP AND RUN" alarm this morning.... win some, lose some.) I'm in the process of creating a hybrid calendar that would involve 3 days of running, 4 days of Turbo Fire, and maybe some PiYo thrown in there for fun, too. I've never attempted to make my own calendar before, as I've always been spoiled by Beachbody workouts that do it for me. But, I'm determined and I'm excited to challenge myself in such a way. It really will be a test of how much I've learned, both about fitness and about myself. I'm just happy to put the tough months behind me and move forward. I had a Skype session with my coach/mentor/friend Meredith and she happened to say, "You look like yourself again." And it wasn't until that statement that I had realized how important this lifestyle is to me. I'm happy to have a niche again, because it means now I have a safe space in which I can produce. I can dedicate and schedule my time according to my goals. And, to really get me back on track, I'm reaching out to anyone who is reading this: Starting this Monday (August 25th), I will be hosting a completely free Challenge Group. Pick a workout program, no purchase from me necessary (treadmill running? At-home-Zumba? Maybe you wanna try a Beachbody program?) - and commit to it. I'll be hosting a group on Facebook in which we can all connect, put in our daily updates, and hold each other accountable. For as much as I continue to grow in pursuing my healthy lifestyle, sometimes I need the support, too. So let's get fierce for fall? :) Otherwise, I want to once again thank you (the one reading this). You seem to find value in every sporadic update, and it therefore inspires me to keep sharing. The mess, the lessons, the setbacks, and the joys - I will continue to be an open book to anyone who appreciates the story. I'm proud of what I've accomplished and I'm eager to continue challenging myself. But, without the accountability, I'm not sure how capable I'd be of either. Thank you for encouraging and supporting my lifestyle change, and please know that - if you so choose to document yours - I would be more than happy to be involved in yours, too. We are all in this together. Be brave. QUOTE OF THE DAY “It’s a helluva start, being able to recognize what makes you happy.” - Lucille Ball

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