Alright, so. It's been a few weeks since my update. Since my last entry, I maintained my momentum for the following week, and ended up losing 2 lbs. And then I hit "SNOOZE." I don't believe in excuses anymore, but I will say that it has been extremely difficult to find inspiration to do my morning workouts. My room gets barely any natural sunlight, plus my new violet curtains are great at making it feel like early morning, even at 3 PM. Did I mention I just got a new queen sized bed that's unbelievably comfortable? Needless to say, my running agenda has been thrown off. Just this morning I blew it off - but I didn't let myself off the hook completely; I did a TurboFire HIIT instead. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxmTl4z3Cqo - yes, I was dying!) For anyone who has trouble waking up early to exercise, I am going to seriously implement the following tricks to motivate us all out of bed: 1. Sleep in your workout attire. All but your sneakers should be ready to go, so you have no excuse as to digging out everything you'd need. Put your sneakers in plain sight, maybe even next to your alarm clock. 2. Label your alarm. If you're like me, you use your phone as your alarm clock. Many times, at least on the iPhone, you're able to title your alarms. A few of my favorites are: - 100 Days Til Your 5K - WAKE UP AND WORK OUT! - Sleeping In < Working Out - (insert bikini emoji here) - How bad do you want to lose weight? -WERK! - You never regret a workout! - Forrest Gump ran for 3 years. You can get your ass up and run for 30 minutes!! (When I was doing T25) 5:45 AM - Time to Focus! T25!! 6:00 AM - SERIOUSLY IT'S ONLY 25 MINUTES! GET UP! Sometimes all you need is that reminder! 3. Fuel up. If you need some pre-workout fuel, have it ready. I'm a big fan of making overnight oats - I'll post the recipe in the future :) - because I roll out of bed, grab the bowl, and get back in bed. I allow about a half hour to digest & then it's "go" time. If you like to keep it light, maybe put a granola bar or piece of fruit near your shoes. And, my newest trick - 4. Pull back your curtains the night before. If you live in a creepy neighborhood, maybe this isn't ideal. But, for me, I'm surrounded by brick walls, so I don't feel as uncomfortable. In other news, I'm still hosting my Challenge Group and my ladies are doing awesome! Checking in with each other every day encourages a solid support system. I'm looking forward to starting another one again soon - with my newest love, the 21 Day Fix! The 21 Day Fix includes 7-30 Minute Workouts. One for each day of the week, with a variety of exercises from cardio, yoga, circuit training, & other fun things to keep your body guessing! As for nutrition, The 21 Day Fix includes a simple portion control eating system with color coded containers. No calorie counting, measuring, tracking points, or any other hassles! It even includes a restaurant guide and allows for chocolate & wine (in moderation! ). Therefore, it's teaching you how to learn healthy eating habits for LIFE! It includes: -Workouts -A full month of Shakeology (y'know, the nutrition thing that has broken my newest plateau & is yummy & I love SO MUCH.) -A Shakeology shaker bottle -7 Color Coded Portion Control Containers -Meal Plan -FREE SHIPPING! But the best news of all: when you order through me, you get ME as your personal coach. I'll keep you on track, support you, & cheer the loudest when you achieve the awesome results you're capable of getting. :) So if you're interested PLEASE let me know, I'd love to be able to help you out!! This entry seems like a cluster now that I'm proofreading it again, but here's my conclusion: You can make excuses or you can make efforts. Falling off the wagon does not mean you're paralyzed. With the right tools, the right focus, and the support - you can change. You WILL change. Be brave! QUOTE OF THE DAY "Champions keep playing until they get it right." - Billy Jean King

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