More Motivation Monday!

​Okay, I was on top of my frequent Monday postings, but I missed a week. Mostly because, yet again, I couldn't find anything to say. I'm still not sure what I'm going to say. I could probably wager that my past 3 entries have started this way..... Well, anyway, I'm doing my best. I allow one day a week of booze and Thai food, but otherwise I am (mostly) clean eating, and I'm really proud of that. It's hard work. Tons of people try temporary dietary adjustments without realizing just how difficult it is to establish permanency. I'm not perfect in this attempt, either, but I am learning a lot, trying new things, and sticking to what I know I won't regret. My willpower is doing burpees, really. Speaking of burpees, I have most definitely slacked on my workout calendar this week, mostly due to being preoccupied, exhausted, and unprepared with how I'm budgeting my schedule. But, the good news is, I never allow myself more than one day of rest - two just feels lazy. Not only do I feel underaccomplished when I don't exericse, but I just feel better in general whenever I do. So often, I'll find myself stressed, depressed, frustrated or bored... and exercise is always the answer. My medicine is to simply sweat it out. TurboFire's presence in my life is doing wonders for me. I feel so empowered afterward, and I catch myself smiling or singing along to the music the entire time. It's a lot harder for me to feel the same way about running, to be honest. But the difference lies in the underlying reasons: I do TurboFire because it's fun; I run because I want to further challenge myself. Although I do not think I'll be physically ready to run a Half Marathon in a little more than 2 months, I'm still going to train as if it's my goal. Perhaps I can find a smaller race, 10K or 10 mile, to accomplish first before I get to the Half. Regardless, I'm running for the pride I get when I'm finished - the "Aha!" moment, the "see what you can do if you try?" feeling. Again I reflect on a time when I couldn't physically run just one mile - I walked a mile in 19 minutes instead. Now that I'm powering forward, I'm not going to stop any time soon. The way that you speak to yourself in the toughest minutes is what really counts. Think strong and you will be strong. I am so proud of the work I'm already capable of, but you can never stop growing or challenging yourself. It's a gift that you can unwrap as many times as your heart desires. So, it kind of just hit me what the point of this entry will be. I just mentioned "Think strong and you will be strong." I'm going to therefore share what keeps my fire lit; what motivates me to keep going, even on days that I feel absolutely disconnected. 1-My former self. Obviously I mean this in general, as losing 50 lbs is a giant motivator in and of itself. But, I focus down to the detail. For example, last weekend I was running on a treadmill in a small hotel gym. I thought about quitting several times before my 5K was through, but then I would reminisce a similar environment - 2011, senior year of college, being in a gym that was almost identical, either speedwalking or jogging slowly, hopeful that one day I'd physically be ready to race in a 5K. That kind of visualization is so powerful that this is usually my go-to. If I ever think, "I don't want to," I switch my perspective to, "Remember when you couldn't." or "Remember when you wanted this." Works every time. 2-Visual reminders. I have a vision board chock full of before and afters, inspirational quotes, goals. At my parents' house, I posted a picture of my dream bikini on the fridge. I have a white board that has my workout calendar & other goals written on it. 3-Inspirational quotes. There's a reason that I end every entry with, "QUOTE OF THE DAY." Someone else's insight is sometimes all you need. 4-A strong support system. To hold me accountable, to have similar goals, and to offer encouragement when it's needed. My growing Beachbody family has been amazing for this, but even before that, I keep a core group of friends and family members who I know are always listening and are always so supportive. I'm sure there are plenty more, but I'd like to end here by saying that, if you're ready to change, I hope that insight has helped you and I would be absolutely honored to be part of your #4. Keep working hard, all. Be brave. QUOTE OF THE DAY "Every ceiling, when reached, becomes a floor, upon which one walks as a matter of course and prescriptive right." -Aldous Huxley

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