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October 7, 2014

A mini-update, but a happy one!

Since starting my Turbo Fire/running/PiYo calendar, I've lost 3 lbs.  THREE!  When was the last time I even lost one?!?  I'm so thrilled.  And, to keep the good vibes going, I'm hosting and (nutritionally) participating in a 21 Day Fix Challenge Group.  Meaning that I'm optimizing my daily calorie intake with healthy choices and correct portion sizes.  It's only Day 2, but I'm proud of my commitment already.  I just turned down a cupcake.  TURN DOWN FOR WHAT?!?  For #flabtofierce!

(God I'm such a dork.  How embarrassing.)

I'm doing a lot more with Beachbody as well, which means I get to help a lot more people on their own healthy lifestyle pursuits, and that feels really good.

And, one last reflection:

Today marks my one year anniversary of moving to New York City.

For those of you who don't know, I moved to NYC on a total whim; only about 2 weeks' notice.  Even though I had visited countless times and knew a lot of people living here, I had a very rocky start.  I really wasn't sure I was going to stay here.  Sometimes, I'm shocked that I made it through.  But, I did.  And I have so much respect and love for myself because of it.  I have grown up, tried new things, and learned more about myself than I thought possible.  But, on the other hand,  I've also clung tightly to my strongest attributes and I've reaffirmed my confidence in such strengths.  I continue to explore, discover, and challenge myself.... and I embrace the adventure.
I'm not completely convinced that New York City is my forever home, but I am no longer afraid to freely go about a new bold direction.  And yet, NYC, as long as you're mine: I love you.

Listen to your heart and take chances every once in awhile. 
Be brave and work hard.
Stop saying you can't.  Push yourself.  Believe in yourself.

You'll be pleasantly surprised.


"There is freedom waiting for you
On the breezes of the sky,
And you ask, "What if I fall?"
Oh by my darling,
What if you fly?"

-e.h. (poet)

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