My Cup Runneth Over

I had the absolute worst case of writer's block yesterday, so my entry was delayed. I'm still not 100% sure I know where I'm going with this one, either. But! I do have some great things to share this week. It turns out, there is a TurboKick Instructor Training in Philadelphia next Saturday. It became known to me yesterday, and I thought, "Hm. I'm probably working." My heart skipped a beat when I pulled up my calendar and realized I had the day off! Public transit from NYC - Philadelphia is pretty consistent, so all I need is to figure out the finances and I am THERE! :) There is also a PiYo Instructor Training the very next day in Brooklyn.... I'm considering it..... This past weekend, I attended the NYC Marathon as a spectator. I didn't stay for very long, but what I did see was unbelievably energizing. I have never felt more motivated to get moving myself! Thousands of people achieved greatness this weekend, and - although I am a work in progress - I believe in myself enough to know that I, too, am worthy of the challenge. I know I have a long way to go before I could even consider doing a marathon. Maybe someday I'll be able to do the marathon in Disney World - would there be a better place to do one? :) For now, though, a half marathon is a great goal to set for myself, and I'm thrilled to accomplish it in my new beloved city that still challenges me every day. I'm very inspired, and thankful that I have about 16 weeks to get myself ready. Speaking of thankful, I am currently co-hosting a Challenge Group for the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, and I am so happy to be a part of it! We're only two days in, and these ladies are completely engaged. Total strangers to each other, these women are already being completely honest with themselves and each other; their journeys thus far, their goals, their setbacks, etcetera. I love hearing these stories, and I love reflecting on how I could possibly enlighten them in my own experiences. And, finally, I need to take a minute to share my greatest joy. My "why"; my reason for investing not only in this blog but also in myself. Twice this week, I've had old friends of mine contact me. Their messages - which I have read several times over the course of receiving them - continue to give me chills. One was a simple text message, saying, "You're my inspiration. Always." The next was a bit more in depth. “I thought I'd share how much you've helped me over this past year. I weighed myself today and I am now 35-ish pounds lighter than I was a year ago….. I have never been so happy with my health and appearance before in my life and you were a huge help in getting me here. So thank you a million times!” Wow. Yes, I have changed my life. It was a difficult decision to begin the journey, but when I made the commitment, I held tightly. I continue to struggle with temptations and my own demons, but I will always be opting for the high road. I am in incredible health, have less insecurities about my body, and carry myself with self-confidence and gratitude. Looking back on my old entries and at old photos, I can hardly believe what I've accomplished. But, to give all of those experiences to a friend? This sweet young woman, who I always saw as beautiful, is now recognizing that on her own...and, through some guidance and encouragement, I played a role in helping her get there. And I could burst into happy tears right now because all I've wanted is to pay it forward, to bring out the best in someone else. I just helped to change a life. This is, by far, the best feeling in the world. QUOTE OF THE DAY "A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle." - James Keller

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