Monday "ME" Time!

I am currently updating from my favorite neighborhood coffee shop, with a giant cup of coconut oolong tea as my companion. I have about 10 other things to do tonight, and part of me felt guilty in wanting to spend some time here instead. But, what do I always say? Never feel guilty about making time for yourself. And so, I am. I feel absolutely amazing today. I started off my day by attending a group fitness class led by my super fabulous Zumba instructing friend, Greta. I made some new friends today as we fed off of each other's energy and had a blast together. Not only was it good to get some socialization, but it reaffirmed my wanting to become a TurboKick instructor. That it will actually be possible to find a venue to host me, even if it's just an hourly studio rate. That people will actually want to try what I have to offer - and I know what I can offer will be amazing. I was reading in my "Class Manual" today that, during my certification, I will be tested both practically and physically. I'll take a brief test to assess my knowledge, but will also have to get up and show off my musicality, my technique, and my ability to motivate. The highest possible ranking is "Gold." You know I'm going for the gold. :) I am so unbelievably excited. Half Marathon Training is continuing to go well, although at times I do find myself discouraged that I'm not pushing myself a little harder or doing a little bit more. But, then I remember that the race is 18 weeks away - the same duration that my app calculates training will take. Plus, I should probably mention that I haven't even been selected to run yet.... But that's no worry for me. I'm going to train like I am, as the NYC Half would find only a crazy reason not to want me. If I'm wrong, I will find another race and I will do extraordinary. I'm having a lot of fun with my nutrition and trying out new recipes. I made pumpkin oatmeal cookies yesterday without any added flour or sugar. And they're SO good! Seriously you guys, not to solicit, but even just by getting a free Team Beachbody account you unlock SO many opportunities for recipes you may have not considered. Give it a try! :) Another amazing thing happened today. My high school best friend, Karen, surprised me with business labels for my Shakeology samples and other promotional handouts. I could've cried. Not just from the generosity, but from the fact that I feel like I'm slowly digging toward a goldmine. Regardless of how much these projects grow to occupation, I am meant to be doing this. My weight loss journey has been unbelievably rewarding. My story is one worth hearing, and just might help out someone else in their own pursuits. I opened up to a friend today that I have been feeling better than I have in quite some time. My life is far from perfect - I could go into the stressful details, but today I'd rather not dwell even for a second. But, in my short time on this rock, I've realized my best investments have been times when I have the drive to take care of myself, when I practice putting time into myself, and when I'm so proud of myself. And it's time for more people to feel the same way. I'm not sure how long I'm going to be on this path, but I'm going to ignite each and every step. QUOTE OF THE DAY "Find your voice and inspire others to find theirs." - Stephen Covey

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