My most faithful of followers, I have let you down for almost 2 weeks now! I apologize!! But the good news is that there is a LOT to talk about. :) Two weeks ago, I accomplished a dream of becoming certified as a TurboKick instructor! I have been diligently working on my choreography, and my goal is to teach my first class in the very near future. I am excited beyond belief to hopefully pass this addiction onto more people. :) I definitely slacked off a bit during the Thanksgiving holiday. I didn't realize how much I appreciated clean eating until I had too many indulgences, though. Mom & I went out for burgers and, although I had a Boca burger, the toppings & side of fries really did me under. I felt so bloated. I'm going to keep that feeling in my back pocket; sure, you may be craving the food now, but how do you physically feel after you eat it? Aside from small treats every day, I'd say I'm back to doing pretty well! I should find out any day now if I have been selected for the Half Marathon. I definitely have excited nerves. Although I've been training for several weeks, I'm still definitely not Half-ready. To dedicate yourself to a date is a scary thought! But I can do anything!! I am also really excited to try Insanity Max:30!!! It made its debut earlier this week, and I intend to begin on January 1. :) I have heard amazing things about this program and I cannot wait to be a living testimonial! I feel like I'm juggling several different goals right now, but focusing on my Half Marathon, Max:30, and TurboKick has really done wonders for my winter depression. Although I'm under a lot of stress, I ALWAYS have something to pull me out of my slumps. I'm currently a part of a Coach-Only Challenge Group, and my upline coach suggested daily journal entries. Here's one of them from two days ago: "I've spent the majority of my day laying in bed, feeling useless. I'm not working today, but I feel stressed and overworked. It was a dreary day & my S.A.D. is flaring up again. So, it's time to do that which pulls me out of any slump: Turbo." And how. Due to the reason above, I am upping my efforts and my ambitions as far as my Beachbody coaching. As in, I'm setting "office hours" around my other scheduled commitments. It was an amazing feeling to receive a pleasantly large paycheck this week (when I REALLY needed it, too!), so if I can continue to live with less financial struggles while helping others better themselves (and while also bettering myself) it sounds pretty win-win to me. My final thought today is to share with you all my daily affirmations. My coach, Meredith, suggested I make a list to read aloud to myself every day. It definitely helps in my pursuits of personal development and self-love, and I'm hoping it'll inspire someone else to take care of themself in this way. I AM I am strong. I am successful. I am kind. I am fashionable. I am creative. I am big-hearted. I am hard-working. I am happy. I am friendly. I am approachable. I am funny. I am open-minded. I am honest. I am brave. I am smart. I am healthy. I am responsible. I am drama-free. I am humble. I am family-oriented. I am beautiful. I am worthy. I am unlimited. QUOTE OF THE DAY “Too many people overvalue what they are not and undervalue what they are.”– Malcolm S. Forbes

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