Werkin' It Wednesday

I'm a few days late, but I have some pretty exciting things to touch upon. I've been putting a lot of energy into my Beachbody endeavors this week. I'm part of TWO very focused groups & they are really whipping me into shape! I feel so inspired. I have a feeling that 2015 will be amazing for me. Speaking of the new year, I was eager to jumpstart what was going to be one of my resolutions. Insanity Max:30. HOLY CRAP YA'LL! The idea behind Max:30 is that you start off by pushing yourself as hard as you can until your form fails or you feel like you're going to die. You max out, you take a break, you continue & do the best that you can for the rest of the workout. I was incredibly proud of my cardio shape, as I lasted 8:37 the first time through! But, Tabata Power (more strength-based moves) were definitely my downfall - I only got 5:32 in. But that's completely okay, as I have 3 more weeks left of this program and I am PUMPED so see those numbers change! I will admit that, although I'm still working on my choreography, I will have to put off TurboKick until Max:30 is completed. But, there's a good reason.... I've got a very big endeavor coming up that, if I attempt to do Max:30 and TurboKick alongside of this, I'll probably exhaust or paralyze myself. So, what am I up to, you ask? I've been saying for a really long time that I want to train for a race. First it was a 10K, then I said, "Eh, nah, I'm gonna go bigger. I'm training for a Half." So then I found a Half Marathon that appealed to me. I thought about doing it, I daydreamed about doing it, the next thing I knew, I was registering for it - but even that wasn't a guarantee. NYC races are HUGE in capacity, so not everyone who registers is chosen to run. Selected participants aren't based on time or number of past races accomplished; it was just luck of the draw. So, how fortunate am I that, after all of this time of throwing the idea around, life has forced me to put my money where my mouth is. I have been selected to run in the NYC Half Marathon on March 15th! I am thrilled. I am motivated. I am terrified. My blog entries are typically my way of energizing my followers. Whether its giving advice, reflecting on life lessons, or maybe just some inspiration, I typically offer my story to motivate you guys who read so faithfully. But! This entry will be a little different today. I'm looking for advice myself! I have never run such a long distance before, especially in what will probably be colder weather, so I am looking for any tips, tricks, or guidance you have to offer. What brand of leggings do you recommend? Should I start training outdoors now, or can I rely on my treadmill until closer to my race date? Should I carry snacks with me while running? How about some kickass playlists?!? I want any and every insight that you have! So, if we're connected on social media, just comment or private message me. If you're a bit of a stranger, feel free to email "flab2fierce@gmail.com". I would love to hear from you!! So, yes, I am quite intimidated by the risks that I'm taking with this race. But, in my heart, I know that this test will be good for me. I know that my biggest competition is my own self-doubt, and I cannot wait to feel the invincible feeling of crossing that finish line. Keep challenging yourselves. You'll never believe what you're capable of until you push out of your comfort zone. Let's crush some goals, you guys!! QUOTE OF THE DAY "It's lack of faith that makes people afraid of meeting challenges, and I believed in myself." - Muhammad Ali

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