Hey, Davina. WAKE UP AND UPDATE YOUR BLOG! I've actually been meaning to update for quite some time, but how do you follow an entry like the previous without sounding like "derp"? Well, here I am, and regardless of whether or not this entry is a fart, you guys oughta know what I'm up to, right? _BRIEF UPDATE_ In my last entry, I was torn as to whether or not to run the NYC Full Marathon. Ultimately, I decided to pass. The biggest reason being that my heart just wasn't in it - at least not this year. While running the Staten Island Half Marathon last year, I was forced to face the difficult reality that I wasn't really enjoying my running experience. Maybe it was the course's fault, but I just wasn't feeling it. So, I've decided to use the training time differently: to obtain my AFAA certification so I can teach CIZE in a gym setting. I was freelance teaching for a few weeks, but, ultimately I'd prefer some sort of contract if I'm to work for someone else. On the road to AFAA, I've learned that I am a horrible self-starter, and online courses seem to always fall to the wayside. I plan to set up my weekly calendar to accommodate the syllabus & exams so I can GET THIS SHIT DONE ALREADY. Another major life change is that I've added chicken back into my formerly pescetarian diet. I am currently studying, gathering advice, & reading on the Paleolithic lifestyle. Although I am not ready to convert just yet, I am incredibly intrigued despite my love of carbohydrates. Coming soon: "The Fail-eo Diaries"! _BACK TO THE ACTION_ I've always heard, "You're one of the strongest people I know." But, quite honestly, I never really had faith in that sentiment. I've been through the ringer, I've proved myself countless times, and I've mostly pulled myself out of a 20-year depression. Okay, maybe I am pretty strong. But, those who know me closely can actually confirm that I am an emotional creature who is constantly seeking advice, support, and even coffee chats about life. I never really grasped the correlation between emotional and physical strength until a few months ago. In December 2015, a program called The Master's Hammer & Chisel debuted. As a coach, I feel it's my obligation to be open-minded to the new regimens Beachbody produces so I can have personal experience to relate to my clients. A cardio queen, I was a bit apprehensive (mostly because I have a love/hate relationship with Autumn Calabrese....), but decided to be open minded. Let's see what this whole "heavy lifting" movement is all about, right? So right. So, so right. I always used to jokingly refer to myself as "Rosie the Riveter," but in the 60 day challenge, I felt like the beautiful lovechild of both Rosie the Riveter AND Xena Warrior Princess. Yes. I felt that epic. Not only that, but I was definitely starting to see results....especially in the area that I dread the most: my midsection. I was so thankful to have gotten out of my comfort zone & to have tried something new. Once I completed Hammer & Chisel, I decided to dive in to another brand-new regimen: 22 Minute Hard Corps. I absolutely LOVE the no-nonsense, get-in-and-get-out style of the workout. There is a resistance/strength component in this program, but I caught myself yearning for my heaviest weights from time to time. It was also during this time frame that I found myself heartbroken: both from the death of my grandfather and the demise of a whirlwind romance. After taking a little time to mope, I realized that I could still challenge myself. My confidence was stored away in the corner of my living room, and I knew it. When I completed 22 Minute Hard Corps (which also gave me phenomenal results,) I knew it was time to pick up some weight again. So, for the next 90 days, I'm on a mission to become a Beautiful Beast. I'm lifting heavy weights & following a strength training program, Body Beast. I'm only about a week into it & I'm already hurting so good. I feel challenged, I feel motivated, I feel inspired. As eloquently as Chumbawumba expressed in the 90s classic "TubThumping", I've been knocked down, but I'll get up again....and I will fight gravity along the way. Hopefully I'll be smokin' hott soon, too. ;) But confidence will contribute to that, I'm sure.

Here's to my upcoming struggles. If I can't lessen the load, then let's strengthen the back & the heart. QUOTE OF THE DAY “Better to be strong than pretty and useless.”― Lilith Saintcrow, Strange Angels

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