Now that I have your attention with that obscure title (thanks, Dr. Google!), let me share something important with you. I attended our annual Coach Summit this past week, and my heart was set on fire. It was great to be surrounded by fellow teammates, my celebrity trainers, & other top leaders in the business. But honestly, the best part for me was conquering my own negative energy. Everyone wants to do work that they love without limitations. But nobody seems to mention that being an entrepreneur is incredibly challenging and, for the perfectionist, frustrating. You're your own boss, so you have to set your own goals. When those goals haven't been met (or - even worse - you've been losing momentum), you can easily get sucked into a hole of self-doubt. This is especially true if many of your closest friends are in the same business as you and are somehow killing it. Comparison is the kiss of death, and I was certainly smoochin'. I unfortunately began to adopt the mentality of, "Why bother? They will probably help people before I will."

(PS I'm super happy that I can add GIFs to my blog again. Good for you, Wix!) But anyway, a poisonous mindset just doesn't do anyone any favors. I was excited to go to Coach Summit despite my poor attitude because I knew I would leave with clarity; even if it meant throwing in the towel to say, "Well, you tried, kid." I am happy to report that this was not the outcome. Several keynote speakers kicked me right in the heart. One in particular - Alli Upham - inspired me like crazy. She first posed the question, "Without Beachbody, I would ________." Insert ugly crying here. I started thinking about that 200+lb 19-year-old watching the TurboJam infomercial. I started thinking, "What if I had changed the channel, or had been doing something else? What would be my story?"

So I answered as follows: Without Beachbody, I would not know my best self. I would not have found the person I was destined to be. I would be sick, I would be unhappy, and I would still be searching for my greatest joy. People are flocking to network marketing, especially when the goal is as inspiring as my company's. You may think I represent a scam, a scheme, a cult of a lifestyle. But I humbly open my heart to you: As a child suffering from anxiety and depression, I honestly don't know if I would be alive had it not been for my home workouts with Chalene Johnson. And, to me, my life is a lot more valuable than saran wrap and detox teas. I'm not trying to force you, my friends. I'm not scamming you, my loved ones. I'm simply showing you what has revitalized my entire existence. This company helped me get my life back. This company brought out my purpose. And, this Coach Summit in particular reminded me of my potential. The same incredible speaker, Alli, briefly mentioned that she had a goal of helping 100 people with their physical transformations and now she has a wall full of before and afters. And I thought, "I can do that. I NEED to do that." I decided to make my goal a simple yet powerful one. It's inspiring the heck out of me. Although I have continued my goal-setting even through the hard times, nothing has made me as invigorated as this goal. I feel it in my heart, running through my veins, constantly present in my subconscious. I want to do this SO much.

For every pound I've lost, I would like to impact one life. So - 50 lives for 50 pounds. I want "my 50" to know their potential. I want my 50 to stop looking at me like I'm a mystical creature for doing this with my life. I want my 50 to understand what it takes to fully commit to a life change.....and I want to see them make it happen. I want this badly for my 50 - I haven't even met most of them yet - but they need to want it, too. If I make this happen, this may just be the most rewarding year of my life.

I don't care about my financial earnings. Well, okay, I care a little bit. I do have big financial goals added to my vision board, like paying off my student loans in full and maybe making enough to rent on the beach. But, my "50" are my number one priority, and you just can't put a pricetag on impacting someone's life. Even if their program costs $20, I'm helping them with every fiber of my being. So.........do you know someone who wants to be one of my 50? Are YOU one of my 50? You know where to find me. <3 QUOTE OF THE DAY “If you have much, give your wealth; if you have little, give your heart.” - Anonymous PS - This title was generated by a search for "synonyms for 50." Again, thanks Dr. Google.

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