Know Your Worth

I'm proceeding with caution as I type this entry. Something is just weighing on my heart so heavily, but Mama always taught me to think before I speak. Isn't it crazy how we might have a president who doesn't behave similarly?

(Side note: The only time I'll reference politics on the internet is when I can find a GIF relevant to my thought process....) I apologize if this entry sounds patronizing or condescending. I want to give you a little bit of my background - both physically and financially - so hopefully it softens the blow. I do not come from a wealthy upbringing. I was not raised in a thriving metropolis. The nearest Whole Foods is about an hour away, and I couldn't even tell you where the nearest Trader Joe's is. So, when I began my healthy lifestyle journey as a broke college student, I really did not have the best resources for nutrition. Looking back on it, had I chosen to stop by farmer's markets more frequently, I probably would have been just fine with their fresh produce. PSA to support your local farmers, everyone. But - like most people - I felt I was "too busy" to visit multiple grocery stores, so Wal-Mart was my venue. I will never judge someone based on their appearance. I have been on the other side of such criticism before, and I fully understand how difficult it is to regain control of emotional eating habits. I STILL lose my grasp sometimes and my life change has been a successful one; I can never look down on someone who's courage is still developing. But, when you're willing to pay $12 for the convenience of a family sized box of Pop Tarts, I'm sorry, but you're not even trying.

It's true. While visiting my friendly neighborhood Wal-Mart this weekend, I watched a family pile in the convenience foods not necessarily because they're cheap, but simply because they're convenient and tasty. The $12 could buy some eggs and a bag of vegetables for omelettes, but you can't prepare that while you're running out the door & it doesn't taste like cake. So, we'll pass. $12 could also buy some chicken breasts, the same bag of vegetables, and maybe even a sweet potato or two. But time is money, and since you can't nuke it in 4 minutes or less, it must be too expensive or time-consuming. And this is where it's tough love time. I am just so tired of the time and money excuse, you guys. I'm tired of it because I do not have time or money, either. I live in NYC and I'm self-supporting. I could buy a used car for the cost of my apartment. It is my choice to live here, but given my alternatives, it's the best place for me to make my desired career happen. I am currently working about 17 hour days just to make my dream life my reality. (I know, I could just settle for my full-time job, but in my experience, smashing the sh*t out of some goals is a lot more personally fulfilling.) I am, student loan and credit card combined, $25,000 in debt. Every single dollar is budgeted. I live in a loud neighborhood that sometimes compromises the little time allotted that I do have for sleep. I also like when I can be a good friend to someone else, so I have to budget my time around those people. I'm also kind of hoping to find someone to be my permanent emergency contact, so going on dates - however pointless it seems - does suggest my time as well. All of that being said? I am the happiest, healthiest version of myself. I've reversed the threat of high blood pressure and Type 2 Diabetes. I have yet to have an ailment that seriously sets me back. And, while I've been given this gift, I do not take a single second of that for granted. I don't always have the desire to exercise, but I MAKE TIME for it. And I NEVER regret when it's over. I don't like to spend an entire day preparing meals in my kitchen, but it makes the other 6 days pass pretty effortlessly & it's one less stressful "What am I going to eat today?" decision to worry about. I don't have time or money, but I value myself to put my well-being first. It's interesting how your excuses that have distracted you previously now become your biggest reasons to stay on track. You have no energy for excuses when you really think about yourself as a priority. My friends, my family, my other miscellaneous loved ones: I'm saying this because I love you, and that I selfishly want all of you to be the healthiest, happiest versions of yourselves, too. You have plenty of time. And, if you really take a look at your budget & what you're spending, you'll find that you have a little more money than you think. But will you take responsibility for your time? I cannot make the change for you. I can help you, but ultimately: you have to save yourself. *pushes "PUBLISH POST" apprehensively* QUOTE OF THE DAY “In the long run, we shape our lives, and we shape ourselves. The process never ends until we die. And the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility.” ― Eleanor Roosevelt

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